Welcome to my website, which I made for daily monitoring and analysis of crypto and forex currency for personal purposes.


I am big Crypto and Forex currencies fan and have been following these markets for more than 5 years.


At the begining i was tracking and analysing one or two currencies at the same time.

After a few years that number increased, so i had to track multiple charts simultaniously.
This is why i created this website. 


It allows me to track whole market easier, faster and it saves me a lot of time.

With multiple charts i can see more trading opportunities and have more potential profits.

If you walk around this website, you can see how i do my daily monitoring and analysing of the market.

Crypto Multiple Charts|Forex Multiple Charts

Crypto Multiple Charts - Forex Multiple Charts

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Crypto Multiple Charts - Forex Multiple Charts

The website is designed for learning, not for professional use nor should any decisions or trading be based on this website.


Inaccurate data may occur, therefore, everyone is responsible for their actions in any future trading.


Everyone is responsible for their potential losses.